EMec-001 Research methodology and scientific writing (10 credits)

EMec-002 Fundamentals on metals and manufacturing processes (10 credits)

EMec-003 Special topics in materials and processes (10 credits)

EMec-004 Mechanical and structural properties of metallic materials (10 credits)

EMec-005 Forming processes (10 credits)

EMec-006 Mechanical metallurgy (10 credits)

EMec-007 Continuum mechanics and introduction to numerical simulation (10 credits)

EMec-008 Surface manufacturing through machining processes (10 credits)

EMec-009 Fundamentals of heat transfer intensification (10 credits)

EMec-010 Corrosion (10 credits)

EMec-011 Characterization and analysis of metallic surfaces (10 credits)

EMec-012 Supervised teaching practices in Mechanical Engineering (5 credits)

EMec-013 Training and development of teaching skills in engineering (5 credits)